Today we are proud to serve the Twin Cites with Authentic Indian Food for over two decades. In the early 1980's we started this restaurant on 210 East Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis, across from Kramarczuk's Sausage. After the city remodeled the old building we decided to move to Bloomington in hopes of expanding our business. Today we are going on over 20 years in business and many of you have become our friends. Part of being small ,gives us the chance to walk around and get to know our customers. This is the best part of our business. We strive to provide a family environment; in fact many times you may have seen our whole family working together. We strive hard to make our food enjoyable to you the public. Fresh ingredients, and spiced the way you like, we hope that you enjoy our food.


Curry, as the word is used today in India, simply means gravy. In the West, gravy is a liquid sauce made with juice from the meat, and thickened with flour and seasonings. Indian curry or gravy is made by cooking the meat or vegetables along with lots of ingredients including thickening agents and a combination of spices but using no flour. European dishes most closely resembling curry are Ragout , Navarin and Hotpot.
A lot has been written about the word curry and whether it is actually an Indian word in the first place, or was invented by the English. The Tamils (the people living in the Southern Indian state of which Madras is the capital) have the word kaari in their language, which has twelve vowels instead of the five in English and slightly different phonetic emphasis changes the meaning of a word. TCaari is actually part of a longer word, Caikaari, in the Tamil region, where caste differences are taken seriously, and these are reflected in different meanings of Kaari. The Brahmins of Tamil Nadu, who are strict vegetarians, mean by kaari a vegetable dish cooked with spices and a dash of coconut. When the non-vegetarian communities of Tamil Nadu use the word kaari, it literally means meat, which they pronounce with more emphasis on the end of the word as in kaaree. They would call a meat dish with gravy a kaaree kolambu, kolambu being gravy. The origin of the word curry is a meat or vegetable dish to be eaten with rice, which is considered to be the main dish of the meal.